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postheadericon Play Lost Slot Game Machine to Have More Fun and Enthusiasm

About the Lost slot

The lost contains all the elements with the BetSoft titles including the signature of the 3D animations. This slot game resembles the famous Mummy movies and next to their plans is placed in a dig site which is located in the Egyptian desert. The digging is executed by the British explorer from the Victorian times. The game features the British traveler and lot of the Egyptian trifles such as the eye symbols and Ankh.

There is more action to keep you entertained with the help of features. This includes respins for every wins, on reel mini-game and a wild reel. This involving the monkey and break out bonus round. This is the free online slot game. In this game the animation and visual components are outstanding for the computer game with the Lost Game Machine

The grid is set in the center of ancient shell with the torches which lighting the frame on both the sides. On the top of the reels, Tutankhamum stands the bust and then the spin control is placed on the treasure chest. The symbols on the reels include the archeologist face of Egyptian and the artifacts from the ancient Egyptian kingdoms. If you win the combination each time, the symbol sticks out and performs the short and cute animation.

The tune in the backdrop in the slot game is similar to movie soundtrack and tides with the game. The wins are manifested with a wide range of flumps and dramatic sounds. All the features of the game have their own animations. It will give the BetSoft free slot game and excellent quality. One of the features will activate the second screen and then the rest will keep you on the reels while giving way you extra ways to achieve big wins of the game.

How to Play the Lost game

This Lost Game Machine game has the 30 lines on the normal 5×3 grid. You can have to select the number of active lines and size of your bet from 2 credits per line. This slot game has the auto-play option. This option allows you to correct your auto game settings before activating it. For each and every win you will get the free respin of the central reel. At the same time, there is a progressive multiplier for the prizes. Then the second win of the game is multiplied by 2, then by 3 and by 5. If you decide multiple winning lines, then the multiplier affects them all. For 5 matching explorer symbols, you will receive 500 coins and 200 coins for 5 mummy symbols. There are three special symbols in the gameplay. They are Eye which activates the Mummy bonus, Staff which makes the entire central roll natural and finally the Monkey. The lost features are given below:

  • Supreme visuals and sounds through spot-on animations
  • There are many bonus opportunities to increase the thrill and the profits
  • Great overall atmosphere paying off both in the cash and entertainment

postheadericon Why People Love Slots

Since their inception, slots have evolved over the many decades and have stood the test of time.  From their early beginnings in bars and casinos and then on to computers and mobile devices, slots have gone a long way, and now, players can enjoy playing slots from their homes or even enjoy a quick game from their smartphone.  When it comes to casino games, slots are one of the favourites.

Slots are Cheap

The great thing about playing slots is that it does not cost a fortune to play.  Players may feel as though they are playing on their own against the casino, but in fact many slots have a progressive jackpot and each penny that they play contributes to the jackpot pool with the potential for a huge win.  Playing slots is a great way to enjoy a casino game that will not break the bank.

Huge Variety of Slots

For some player’s traditional slots are what draws them to the game, but for those who enjoy something more modern there are a range of different slots.  As slots have evolved and technology has improved there are now slots with multi line reels, a whole host of themed slots and a range of fun and interesting symbols.  Online slots are a great favourite as many of them are based on popular TV shows, movies and music.  Many slots are well designed and have excellent graphics and sound as well as 3D animation.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to playing slots online.


One of the best perks of playing real money pokies online are the many bonuses that online casinos offer.  All online casinos will offer new players a welcome or sign up bonuses, which are usually very generous, and casinos will also offer loyalty bonuses to their current players.  These bonuses will come in the form of free spins or even cash rewards.  These online bonuses make the bankroll last longer which means players can play slots for longer.

A Great Way to Relax

Playing slots requires very little effort and not much thought is necessary to play. That is why, for many, slots are a way to relax, like being on a restful farm, without any stress.  Slots are not like other casino games like poker or blackjack where it is necessary to have put some work into the game or to have prepared a complex mathematical strategy.  All players need to do is decide how much to bet and push the button!

Slots are a great way to relax and because of the large variety of high quality slots players will find that slots are a low risk way to have fun, but there is always the chance of winning that big jackpot.  To keep slots enjoyable players can try out different types of slots and themes and slots with different features such as bonus games and jackpots by connecting with other slots players on social media or finding forums and blogs on the Internet.  Slots are also a way of passing the time and players can choose how long they would like to play for.  Mobile slots mean that players can also grab a few minutes at lunch or while waiting for an appointment to enjoy a quick game.

Slots do have great winning potential and many slots players can attest to thus.  Playing progressive slots will increase a player’s chance for winning a huge jackpot and by using the great bonuses that casinos offer it is even easier to win that jackpot.