postheadericon Escape from gambling addiction

Playing is in itself something positive, but you certainly know someone, or are or were affected by the fact that joy of playing became a gambling addiction . This is characterized by the fact that the person concerned, even if it becomes clear that he loses money, just does not stop playing. That there are enough prominent examples of this addiction does not make them any better. Because not only money can be lost, the whole range of action narrows, breaking friendships, etc. Which ways are there from the gambling addiction?

The first step: to name the problem

If you find yourself feeling restless, if you do not have the opportunity to complete online sports betting, for example, because a family celebration keeps you from doing so, you even rush to the PC at night for some free spins, it would be time to behave once to take a closer look. As with any other addiction, the phenomenon of “withdrawal” arises here. If you can not play, you’re missing something and it’s painful. However, since you have experienced that your effort is greater than profit, the idea of ??getting big, so rather an illusion, is it time to say? “Yes, I am playful”. This first step is often essential, recognition of addiction. Even if you are gambling mobile or  at the PC but are following the trend for live bets, there may be an addictive behavior. What can you do?

Find help in groups Since addiction and also addiction to gambling is very common, you will find groups of those affected at any place or on the Internet, for those who are more suitable. The exchange about the feeling, the realization that you are not alone with this problem, also the realization that there are regularities and repetitions, is often helpful to say, no, I do not want that anymore. If you can get tips from “clean” members, try them out. One evening a week free of all games, how do you feel then? Can this be increased, can one build up normal gaming behavior? Here, such experiences of others help more and more, even to be able to “howl” at others, if one has done something against his intentions, so to speak relapsed.

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